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Well, its been a long time since we've written to you. And a lot has happened. We left for our trip on Sunday at 10:45. got to jersey shortly after. and then we were off to Athens, Greece! Synthia will upload photos and talk about Athens in another post. We can't just give you all of them in one post, that makes it less fun.

Now, from Houston to Jersey we had personal tvs, but what do you know? both of ours didn't work. They would be scratchy and cut up. Not fun... Also to add to it, there was an annoying, screaming, hair-pulling child sitting behind us (behind Synthia, specifically). He would stand in his mom's lap and pull on her hair! And then he was screaming the whole flight. He didn't know how to talk, or if he did know, he wasn't. :( Finally he fell asleep! But the flight ended 15 minutes later and he began to cry again...

On our trip to Athens, we had the three middle seats. Yes, three seats for the two of us. :) The person that was supposed to sit in the third seat never showed up, so we spread out. This flight was much more comfortable. We had two meals, a working TV (for the most part) and, most importantly, no annoying kids. Greek kids are significantly more well behaved than american kids...

The flight from Athens to Beirut lasted 1 1/2 hours. Here's a good story, and photos may come. Our plane was supposed to start boarding at 4:25. But at 4:25 it hadn't come in yet. That didn't stop the Lebanese passengers from waiting in line, though. Instead of comfortably sitting in the airport lounge area, they stood up in line. It was quite clear that the plane was not there, yet they stood. The flight finally came in and all the people from the last flight were getting off while the Lebanese were standing in line. Finally the airport personnel came on and told them to have a seat. About 5-10 minutes later, they were standing in line again. This time furious that they were not able to sit inside the cramped plane for 15 extra minutes. After another announcement, they sat back down. Then the final call came "We are now boarding..." and almost instantly every person in that terminal was fighting for a spot on the plane. Synthia and I don't like to be stuck in small places longer than necessary, so we waited till the final call to board comfortably. But it was a fun story I thought I would share.

Sorry that the post was a bit dry, but alot has happened Synthia will share about Athens, then we need to share about our first few days. Lebanon is completely different country!

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My first post!!!!

Hey Friends!

I figured my brother posted two things I should post at least one to let you into my mind a bit.

I am excited and ready to go to Lebanon. But truthfully, I would go anywhere…I am desperate for a vacation. It’s been a long journey to get here and I’m ready for this.

Since I love going on mission trips I am kinda considering this trip a mission trip. I know it may be weird to think of it that way. I mean we are not going to put up a water well or build an orphanage. But we are going to fall in love with the people there, reconnect with God and hopefully open their eyes on who God really is and what He teaches.

The lifestyle in Lebanon is very different from ours: the electricity comes and goes, water is always in demand, you have to wait like 30 min before using the hot water, the mosquitoes are insane, and the weather is crazy hot (most places don’t have a/c!!!). Now I am writing all this based on what it was like when we went 7 years ago so things may have changed, but I think it is still going to be different.

Also, the different religions are going to pose challenges. Basically there are two: Muslim or Catholic. The break-down gets more complicated after that, but that’s the general idea. I don’t want to get into too much detail in this category because it may offend some people and I don’t want to do that on my first post (no promises on the following ones though :) ). For those of you who know me, or my brother, you can probably guess where the challenges are going to be. So I have been praying that we stay strong and continue to focus and trust God throughout the trip.

I feel like I really want to dive into the culture and the daily activities while I am there. I remember when I was in Haiti we spent most of our time just living like the Haitians; well I want to live like the Lebanese. I know I am Lebanese, but I want to regain the appreciation for my culture and our history.

Throughout this trip I am hoping to grow with God. I want to be able to be grateful for the beautiful nature that we have that He created. Lebanon is a beautiful country and to think that my God created it blows my mind.

It is going to be a great trip because we have decided to make it a great trip. Yeah, things may not go perfect, but the great thing is that we don’t have a plan of “things we have to do while there.” We just want to go, learn, grow, and relax. That’s our plan. Whatever we do is not as important.

Peace in Christ,

Cynthia (or I guess Synthia, hehe…)

P.S. I am letting everyone know now that I am a horrible spelling and not that great with grammar either. So if you could, just look past it. I’d rather not have 50 comments every post fixing my commas. Read for content , thanks.

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Trip Plan

Ok, this is probably my last post stateside, Synthia may post sometime before we leave, but I wont be able to. I am going to a wedding this weekend. Patrick, my former roommate, and Ellen are getting married tomorrow. Congrats guys! And I am in the wedding. So as soon as I leave work I am heading up to Brenham, TX for the wedding rehearsal. Then sleeping in College Station, and going to the wedding on Saturday. I have never been in a wedding before, if you have any tips let me know. I think my main job is to stand there and look amazing (Check!), but not more amazing than the groom or bride (That one will be tough ;) ). I will come back Saturday night and we leave Sunday morning.

We leave from Houston going to Newark, NJ. From there we go to Athens, Greece! Crazy, huh? Since we have a 7 hour (there goes 7 again) layover, Synthia and I are going to go tour the city. Our plan is to see the Parthanon! How cool is that? Since we aren't bringing laptops, we wont be able to post anything from there. But as soon as we can, we will put something up. After that, we head to Lebanon! And our vacation technically begins. :)

I am gonna try to attach a map of all the places we are going. Its only three now. Maybe we will get specific when in Lebanon. We'll see. Until next time...(some phrase telling you to do something that you don't really have control over).


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Howdy! Thanks for coming to our site...if you can guess who is typing this you might get a high five in the future...yep, it serge! Good job/Try again next time (choose one). Thanks for visting. Synthia (she spells it with a 'C' I like the 'S') and I took a whole bunch of time trying to come up with the name for this blog, so I thought I would explain a bit before we are called heretics. Not that I mind being called one, just if it is for a good reason. ;)

Well, I was born in Lebanon and so was Synthia (we're siblings...) and then moved away cause of bombs/war before I was one. 7 years later the two of us returned with our mom for a vacation. I was 7, Synthia was 9. 7 years later we returned this time with my mom and a new little sister (Shout out to Seleene!!!). I was 14, Synthia was 16. Now I am going to give you some time to guess the next part of the story. When you think you're ready, go on to the next paragraph.

It is now 7 years later and we are yet again returning to Lebanon! It is crazy. (For those counting, I am 21 and she is 23). So after going through probably 37 million trillion names we decided that this one told our story well. We are going to Lebanon to rest. It seems to take place every 7 years. And we both love God and strive to be like him. He rested on the 7th day, so in an attempt to reflect the glory of our Lord, we hope that everytime you read our title you remember his work (and his rest). Also, after he made me, he needed to rest, I am that amazing. :P

So, join us as we go to Lebanon (with a breif detour in Athens first) and we will try to give you pics and fun stories. :) feel free to comment/subscribe. Neither of us have blogged before so forgive our newb-ness.

serge (and synthia, but not really...she will probably roll her eyes at my entry)

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